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What makes GrudaHair so unique?

What makes GrudaHair so unique?

The beauty industry has experienced considerable growth in recent decades. People are becoming more conscious of their appearance, particularly when it comes to hair products. As a consequence, many women believe hair extensions play a crucial role in their daily lives. Due to the significant development, customers may easily access the hair markets in Vietnam at wholesale prices. With high-quality items and reasonable prices, Grudahair is recognized as the top hair factory in Vietnam. Grudahair focuses on customized bone-straight, wavy, and curly hair. What's more, we manufacture closures, frontals, and wigs, which we then ship to the world's two largest hair markets: the US-UK and Africa. What creates the uniqueness of Grudahair? This article is the best answer for you. 

Introduction to Gruda Hair Factory

The Story of Gruda Hair Factory

  • Gruda Hair Factory is the pioneer hair factory in Vietnam, created in 2010 by Mr. Henry. We concentrate on the hair production of wholesale large orders for loyal customers or clients. Nonetheless, customers can experience high-quality goods at affordable prices in order to promote Vietnamese hair businesses to the rest of the world. In addition, we've built marketing strategies on social platforms to help customers purchase hair from Gruda Hair Factory in the fastest way.
  • Gruda Hair Factory has achieved some remarkable achievements in recent years. Grudahair, in particular, was named the top-ranking hair supplier in Vietnam in 2015, owing to its significant contribution to the Vietnamese hair market. It's also an honor to be named one of the top 10 hair suppliers in Vietnam regarding hair quality and reasonable price.

The Origin of the Name "Gruda"

The symbol of "Gruda" (letter G with a golden-yellow crown above) originated from the image of an African crane called the Grey crowned crane. This crane is seen as the national symbol of Uganda, which is presented on the flag of this country. The grey crowned crane has a black-and-white face and a crown of golden-yellow plumes. What's more, the name "Gruda" is relatively similar to the Spanish name of the grey crowned crane, "grulla coronada.". The symbol of "Gruda" contains the supreme power and glamor in terms of hair extensions. The development goal of Gruda Hair Factory is to manipulate the hair extensions market with the highest quality and reasonable prices. In fact, Grudahair was present all over the world and had made a significant foothold in the hair extension community.

Grudahair- A wonderful remedy for your hair business

Grudahair has more than 10 years of experience.

  • Gruda Hair Extensions was founded in 2010 by Mr. Henry with its headquarters in Hanoi . Mr. Henry, the company's chairman, is now in charge of it. Gruda Hair Factory has worked with a variety of companies across the world on a variety of large and small projects in order to supply high-quality items from a Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor to worldwide consumers.  
  • Gruda Hair Factory is seen as a factory of Vietnamese virgin or remy hair. We buy legally and make our own hair legally by using a vast operation. Gruda Hair Factory promotes and sells approximately 2000 grams of hair per month to markets all over the world. The biggest hair markets are Ghana, Europe, America, England, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

Grudahair has a great diversity of products.

In addition to being full of experience, Grudahair items are a wide range of hair types. Gruda hair is collected from 100% Vietnamese virgin or remy hair. That said, it is made entirely of human hair from healthy donors. As a result, GrudaHair can be dyed or bleached to match their different shades of color. Hair in Gruda is naturally silky, healthy, and strong. Furthermore, long researches and manufacturing procedures are conducted in order to improve the quality of the hair before it is sold to hair dealers. Grudahair provides a huge variety of hair products and can supply wholesale hair dealers with particular hair kinds and colors. Another thing to remember is that the hair is kept in good condition. For more information on Gruda Hair, go to https://grudahair.com/.

Grudahair provides hair products with affordable prices.

  • The hair factory providing the most reasonable price is Gruda.  We operate our own factory that is controlled technically and correctly. Thus, global customers can purchase Grudahair products at a wholesale and competitive price. Not with standing premium quality hair, Gruda  Hair Factory tries to provide a competitive price compared to the hair market in other Vietnamese hair brands. Customers may check the quality of Grudahair products.
  • GrudaHair is of extremely high quality in the global hair market. Besides, GrudaHair is the best option for hair traders to boost their profits. Hair in Gruda is cheap due to low transportation costs and labor costs. It assists international hair enterprises in saving a substantial amount of money on their cost of production. Accordingly, most wholesale hair traders choose Grudahair as the best choice for their enterprises. 

Mission and vision of Gruda Hair Factory

  • Gruda Hair Factory is constructed and developed with the mission "Shine with your own beauty". It is believed that every woman is always gorgeous in her own way. Glamor can come from her appearance or personality. All you need to do is to shine in any circumstance.  Your hair delivers everything coming from your heart.  Grudahair helps you love your hair and yourself.
  • Coupled with premium-quality and diverse products, GrudaHair is committed to beautifying the appearance and personalities of all women around the world. Grudahair attempts to construct a well-equipped system to improve our products on a regular basis. In order to support and deliver source goods, the GrudaHair also builds cooperative relationships. The GrudaHair manufacturer intends to improve the grade of hair extensions in Vietnam in the path to long-term development.